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Silent Disco Yoga

Similarly to any typical silent disco event, the whole point is to have all outside noise canceled out so that all you can hear is the silent yoga class.

That means you’ll only be able to hear your yoga instructor’s voice, the yogi’s music of choice!

Yoga by the sea are yoga sessions in front of the sea focused on moving from the mind to the body, connecting with the medicine of the breath and allowing it to flow freely throughout our body. The magic of moving with presence, inhabiting us, brings us a little closer to who we are and helps us let go of what we carry. The classes are accompanied by medicine music, options are given for all levels and an order is followed where we go through meditation, pranayama, a phase of dynamic practice to light our internal fire and a more static part where we maintain more postures to finish in relaxation and final meditation. They are classes that cannot be understood by the mind because they are addressed to your soul, so the best thing is that if you feel the call, come and experience it. I'll wait for you on the mat in front of the sea ;)

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Organizer: Yoga by the sea

AURA Barelona